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B-IT is your independent IT consultant & service provider for all small business IT infrastructure needs. Wheter you plan a new server-client environment, looking for a reasonable and efficient system & network administration or even develop your invoice and document management system to optimize your workflows, b-it is your reliable partner.

Server - Client

  • Windows Server installation, administration & support
  • Terminalserver solutions
  • Windows desktop installation & support
  • Network

  • Network planning, administration & support
  • Firewall & Antivirus solutions
  • Remote access solutions
  • Development

  • Sophisticated individual databse solutions
  • Timesheet & expense tracking solutions with webinterface
  • Invoicing solutions
  • Fast development on various platforms
  • IT consulting

  • Analysing & optimizing software based workflows
  • Cost efficient standard software solutions
  • IT project management
  • With B-IT our IT budget became much more cost efficient.

    About us

    B-IT is an IT consultant providing customized IT solutions to free your time for your core business.

    I have seen many IT solutions. But what the most are doing is to constrain the user by checkless system care.

    Meet our team

    • Beat Hartmann
      IT solutions & development

      Beat Hartmann is an highly experienced IT expert mainly in the aviation industry. He accompanied many IT projects for over 15 years.

    Our Services

    • Server - Cient

      Todays business companies have to react to permanently changing requirements. There is no time and money for checkless system care. The IT environment has to be simply a tool to get your daily work done.

      Our windows based server-client strategy takes care of your individual needs & resources and are tuned to a cost efficient working envorinment.

    • Development

      Off the shelf software is developed to reach as many user as possible and covers the most common needs. But often most of this common needs are useless for you and you use only a single feature of a software. In result you need several software pachages to cover all your needs. This makes your IT environment heavy and slows down your perfomance. In many cases it would be much more efficient to have an individual customized software solution which covers all your needs.

      We develop individual frontend - backend solutions on SQL and MS Access base. Ms Access has the advantage to build ready to work solutions in a time period in which other solutions are still in an alpha phase.

    • Network

      Daily we are confronted with viruses, spams and new vulnerabilities. This has to be taken seriously of course. But many mighty software companies practice fear mongering and suggest to solve all this confrontations with an all in one solution from them. In result there are network setups with several useless firewalls, filters and antivirus installations in series with slows your perfomance down. This solutions are the source of the most IT problems at all!

      We build our networks on a cost efficient, lean and perfomant base with a resonable security level.

    • IT consulting

      Efficient workflows are the core of every business. Many of this workflows are based on soft- & hardware solutions. But how to find the right solution for you? This can be very time consuming and needs an experienced know how.

      As a developer we are confronted with every development project with the question if a similar solution is on the market already. Over the years an extensive know how became about many soft- & hardware solutions which makes it much easier for your business to find the right solution for you.

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